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Ghanaian Company Adopt Multi Level Marketing To Boost Commodity Trading

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing as it is called world over happens to be a fast-growing phenomenon. The fact that anyone, anywhere can become a distributor and earn income from building the network without having to sacrifice any other occupation or additional investment into this business makes it very attractive for people from all walks of life to attempt at joining the network.

Though there is no documented history of Origin of Multi-Level marketing, generally it is believed that this concept owes its origin to ‘Nurtralite’ or formerly known as California Vitamin Company which produces food supplement products. In the early part of 1940s, the Company used to engage in Direct Selling.

The concept of Multi Level or Network selling seems to have emerged accidently when the Distributors discovered that they were generating more sales for the Company by referring their friends and known people to the business opportunity available with Nurtralite.

Currently, all the known network marketing companies are internationally based with franchise or expansion in Ghana; it is however worthy to note that a local company in Ghana has developed their own style of network marketing to reward their loyal retailers.

Located at East Legon in Accra, Dig4Wealth Network, a fast-growing company that is gradually changing the narration of Network marketing in Africa has developed a comprehensive module based on multi-level marketing with Tiwala Marketing Company limited. The company initiated the move so as to share profits from Tiwala rice with their loyal retailers. 

In an interview with the CEO of the company Mr. Gilbert Hansen, he reiterated that unemployment is a major issue in the country as funds are not readily available to start a business venture even if one has a good business idea.  

According to Mr. Hansen, if we are able to empower our retailers with enough motivation to make enough sales for our rice brand, we can increase their business whiles increasing our market share… For us it’s a win win situation” he stated. 

A happy customer of Tiwala rice praised the initiative adding that the idea is laudable since it is helping them make more sales and more profit than the other rice brands they sell.  

As part of the plan of rewarding retailers with referral bonuses, the company is also in partnership with their banks to guarantee loan facilities for their retailers who will reach a certain level of the scheme to enable them expand their business.

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