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Tiwala Markt conducts business across the globe, subjecting our company to the laws and regulations of the various countries in which we operate.


Tiwala Markt expects all of its employees and partners to fully comply with all such applicable laws and regulations wherever they are working; Compliance is the responsibility of everyone.


Tiwala Markt’s compliance function advises and ensures that our company has an appropriate framework of policies, procedures and independent assurance in place, to demonstrate to our stakeholders our compliance to applicable laws and regulations in every respect; from Tiwala Markt’s physical activity across our supply chain, to its hedging activity on a regulated exchange.


Where a local law or regulation is of a higher regulatory requirement than our own internal policies, the higher requirements will always be met. Tiwala Markt’s code of conduct further provides support and guidance to employees on the high ethical standards and behaviors expected of them, this is the basis of the company’s corporate standards and how the business operates.

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