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Wisdom King Adukpo- The Entrepreneur Of Our Time

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Wisdom King Adukpo is a young Ghanaian business magnate, investor, speaker and CEO of TIWALA MARKT Company Limited.

Having garnered massive experience from renowned companies like Kowatt, Relay Setting Ghana, Intellect Group and many others, undoubtedly, his enviable current rank in his own company looks absolutely befitting. From resource broker to adept marketer and an accomplished consultant, the young entrepreneur has gained popularity among business comrades of such quadrant.

His company, TIWALA MARKT, is registered in Ghana as a private liability company with a business module based on general trading, mainly commodities, mining services, electrical, automobiles, import and export. With such a brilliant man centered at the helms of affairs, TIWALA MARKT Company ltd boasts of an exceptional track record with clients and stake holders as far as trading and import – export services are concerned.

“ The fighter” “Old soul in a young body” is referred to Wisdom King by most of his corporate colleagues; this is literally true as Wisdom has severally suffered injustice, deception and fraudulent acts in the hands of business partners, yet never gives up on his visions.

Design with Ease

In an exclusive interview with Freelancer Barimah Amoaning, wisdom recounts values like Self discipline, Focus, Steadfastness, Self confidence integrity as his original blue print for success. He shares the opinion of effective action and implementation rather than beautiful words without action mechanism. He believes true mentorship is inspiring someone, supporting them and watching them mature gradually.

The business mogul has a dream of becoming one of the young Ghanaian billionaires, Motivational speaker and one who will invest into smaller companies to tell their success stories. Wisdom is head over heels about young entrepreneurs who want to thrive, as he always say “I want to teach the youth to be masters but not slaves”. He is a hospitable, humble and a cultured person who sees himself as the change of the new African Renaissance, you can follow him at LinkedIn @WisdomKing to learn more about his works and new projects.


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