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Tiwala Rice storms Ashanti Region

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

It will be recalled by readers a story captured on the front page of the New Crusading Guide in February last year with the caption ” Tiwala Markt  to take over the trading and commodity market. Many people thronged to the website of the company to read more about the company and its supposed game changing plans that was to position them as the number one commodity trader in the country.

After perusing the story, we were equally interested in following the exploits of this  wholly owned Ghanaian trading company that could make such bold marketing statements. We followed it up with an Interview of the CEO of Tiwala Markt company limited; Wisdom King, who assured as of pragmatic measures and secret marketing formulas his company is adopting to remain very relevant and subsequently take over the market. ” Our plan is to fully integrate our retailers in our business whiles embarking on the journey with our consumers, Tiwala Markt  is determined not to leave anyone out of our business quadrant, without them, we cease to exist, hence our plan to embark on this journey with them fully on board” he said.

It was therefore not too surprising to us when during the Christmas festivities, we captured Tiwala rice; one of the products of Tiwala Markt  company limited in various shops visited in Asafo Market and Central Market and in certain remotest part of Ashanti Region. We had only expected the company to make gains in Greater Accra and its environs but it appears the company is really serious with their proclamations. Our reporters spoke to Ms. Dorcas Pinkrah of Dream Dorsy Ventures; the agents for Tiwala rice in Ashanti region and she had this to say “Yes Tiwala rice is doing massively well in the region and for us at Dream Dorsy, it’s such a wonder because its a new product”.

Tiwala Markt is now undoubtedly one of the highly reputable trade and commodity companies with an exceptional track record of clients and customers.

The company major motive is to become leader in the Commodity Trading industry (Mainly Commodities like Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Fish, Agricultural products, Petroleum),Electricals, Mining Services, Import and Export industry and by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

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