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Updated: Jan 18, 2019

A private liability company TIWALA MARKT, is in the process of taking over the trading and commodity business in Ghana and the whole of West Africa with its game changing modern trading techniques

TIWALA MARKT is first of all trading its commodities on the line of credit to its dealers and distributors while assisting them through banking relations amd procedures. Dealers and distributors stand the chance to benefit by receiving financing from partnered Banks of TIWALA MARKT to ensure cash flow is available for maximum output with the intention of repaying once sales is done within a period of time. This tactic is employed by the company largely as a means of risk mitigation on the side of customers. And also to wipe away fraudsters and fake importers from the market.

The commodity market in Ghana that trades mainly in primary economic sector has largely been proliferated by foreign importers who ridiculously compete with local importers.

TIWALA MARKT Company Limited will be calling an end to this by liaising with their foreign partners and investors to import modern machinery that our local people can use to produce the same standard and quality products we import. According to the CEO of TIWALA MARKT, they believe Ghanaian love to eat the things they produce however does not meet the refined standards of the imported ones, hence the idea of importing advance technical machines that can add value to our produce to meet the standard of the imported ones. This will travel a long way to create jobs for people and also reduce high importation and duties .

TIWALA is undoubtedly one of the highly reputable trade and commodity company with an exceptional track record of clients and customers. The company major motive is to become leader in the Commodity Trading industry (Mainly Commodities like Sugar,

Rice, Cooking Oil, Fish, Agricultural products, Petroleum),Electricals, Mining Services, Import and Export industry and by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

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