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Mining Services

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Tiwala Markt provides mining services, gold supply and advisory services for a range of investors. Our Haulage services to several mining firms in Ghana puts us ahead of our competitors in negotiating the best deals for our Gold buying clients.




Whereas, the seller with full corporate authority and responsibility certifies, warrants and makes an irrevocable firm commitment that it can fulfil the requirements of this agreement to sell and provide the commodity herein mentioned in a timely manner the terms specified and agreed hereafter.


Commodity:           AU – Dore Bars (Gold)
Origin:                    Ghana
Present Location: Accra

Quantity:              5.00 Kg monthly supply for 1 year with rolls & extensions

Price:                      10% less LBMA/Kg GROSS

                                 (8% discount to Buyer; 2% commission to Intermediaries)

Quality:                   22+ Carats
Purity:                      92%+
Packaging:           Internationally Accepted Metal box

Delivery:              By Air

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All transaction procedures are subject to full negotiation and agreement acceptance by both parties.

SHIPMENT: The shipment of the goods will be carried out by an independent shipper to buyer’s chosen destination.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Buyer bank issues operative SBLC (Stand-By Letter of Credit) MT 760 payment guarantee for 1 year 1 day to Seller’s FINANCIER bank. Upon reception and confirmation of the SBLC by the Seller’s FINANCIER bank, Seller’s Financier bank issues operative 2% P. B. to Buyer bank. Seller will then ship the gold directly to the Buyer’s destination every month and obtain full payment for the total cost of the goods by SWIFT based upon the final assay report via MT-103 Wire Transfer.

An Irrevocable Letter of Intent shall be required from the buyer within fourteen (14) days after a notification of acceptance of our FCO before Sales and Purchase contract shall be signed between seller and buyer.

A contract agreement stipulating terms and conditions of this transaction will be signed between seller and buyer.

This offer is restricted to only the terms and conditions set above and valid for seven (7) days


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